The pro.found Vintage Market

Launched in 2016, the pro.found Vintage Market is the brainchild of four antique-loving women with a tribe of kind, creative, retro-loving souls, and a passion for all things vintage

Launched in 2016, The pro.found Vintage Market is the brainchild of four antique-loving women with a tribe of kind, creative, vintage-loving souls.

Passion for all things vintage runs through all aspects of The pro.found Vintage Market, and even though it is not long established it is expected to pretty much sell out its entry tickets this year. So mark the dates, order your tickets early and be sure not to miss out on this vintage show.

The setting that creates the backdrop to The pro.found Vintage Market allows visitors to feel immersed in the stalls and lose themselves in the past while browsing through the different tents full of wonderful treasures. It is an incredibly scenic area, and their are great efforts put in to make The pro.found Vintage Market so much more than a shopping destination. There are plenty of local food trucks, brew, wine and live music, creating a festive weekend for the whole family. An interest in antiques is certainly not required to have a blast at this vintage market!

As well as vintage and antique products, The pro.found Vintage Market is also proud to showcase handcraft work and inspire shoppers with examples of amazing up-cycling of pieces that would otherwise be trash. There are some incredibly skilled vendors with awesome items for sale, and all are happy to chat about their process and provide plenty of inspiration for home attempts! Other vendors set up in their tents are selling everything from vintage clothing, to jewelery created from re-purposed tins, to furniture.

Great care is taken in the displays of goods inside each tent at The pro.found Vintage Market, and also in the appearance of the whole site itself. It is clear that everyone involved is proud of what they have created, as well they should be!

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