Tianjin Antique Market

The largest antiques distributing market in China, Tianjin Antique Market has garnered quite the reputation among antique enthusiasts, history buffs and those interested in Chinese culture

Tianjin Antique Market is said to be the largest antiques distributing market in China. This seems to be quite a claim, until you see the vendors and the goods here. There are not only hundreds of vendors, but also shops in the area dedicated to antiques and arts of fantastic quality. Other sellers without shops or stalls simply bring their wares along and set them out in an orderly fashion on a blanket on the floor. This simple presentation does not detract from the quality, and there are treasures to be found everywhere at Tianjin Antique Market.

Collectors obviously flock to Tianjin Antique Market, from all over China and its neighboring countries. This market has garnered quite the reputation among antique fans, and with good reason. History buffs and those interested in Chinese culture also make a bee line for this market, and strolling through the shops and stalls provides a great deal of insight into Chinese history. Visitors, especially those from overseas, will best appreciate everything this market has to offer with a local guide who can share the stories behind many of the items for sale, though of course many collectors know what they are looking for and will easily find some gems here.

The Tianjin Antique Market stocks a little bit of everything reflecting Chinese heritage. Visitors will find plenty of memorabilia from the Mao era, vintage board games, large and small furniture items, lunch boxes, musical instruments, porcelain items, clocks, paintings, silverware, copper, iron, woodwork, jade and all kinds of handicrafts. It is fair to say that there is something for everyone here, whether searching for a specific collectable item or simply a unique souvenir for tourists.

Bargaining is encouraged at the Tianjin Antique Market, and definitely necessary to get the best deal for the goods. Visitors will need a basic grasp of the local language to have real success at this, though local guides can also be hired to accompany keen shoppers.

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