Trempelmarkt Nürnberg

Twice a year, the entire old Bavarian town of Nürnberg completely transforms for the Trempelmarkt Nürnberg, making room for 4,000 vendors and their stalls and welcoming over 200,000 visitors

Trempelmarkt Nürnberg is, together with Münchner Flohmarkt auf der Theresienwiese, one of the largest flea markets in Germany. And because this mammoth event only takes place twice a year, it certainly should not be missed. The entire old town of Nürnberg completely transforms for the event while more than 4,000 vendors set up their stalls on every street of the Altstadt. Over 200,000 visitors come from miles around, some are serious collectors who know that treasures can be found here and many more are people just interested in the curios and the atmosphere. To top it all off, a portion of the proceeds of this flea market is donated to charity, so the more shoppers spend, the prouder they should feel!

Trempelmarkt Nürnberg is not only one of the largest flea market in Germany, but it is arguably also the most eclectic. There is a wonderful mix among the vendors of professional traders and regular private sellers, so it is easy to imagine quite how many thousands of random items are on display to browse through. Luckily this flea market does take place over a whole weekend, not just a day, as it will take that long to get to work your way through the amazing stalls.

On the Friday evening of the Trempelmarkt Nürnberg weekend a rather special display is created. Stalls are open until midnight, lit by a myriad of candles creating an incredible atmosphere. It also makes all the goods look even more beautiful and therefore tempting to buy! As always with giant flea markets, there is so much to choose from: vintage crockery, porcelain items, jewelry, silverware, vintage clothing, book collections, antiques, vintage furniture, vintage toys, old weapons, gramophones, teddy bears and much, much more.

Bargaining is a well accepted practice at Trempelmarkt Nürnberg, so visitors should not be shy to engage with the vendors and ask them for their “Schmerzgrenze” or “pain threshold” (their lowest price). The best efforts are made with a grasp of German, but most of the vendors speak English too, at least enough to handle a pricing negotiation. For anyone that loves a good flea market, Trempelmarkt Nürnberg should be near the top of the list of places to visit.

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