Vive la France Brocantemarkt

Vive la France Brocantemarkt is a community led, home-grown two-days annual celebration hosting over 100 antique dealers, that has been enjoyed by all since 2012

Vive la France Brocantemarkt is a community-led, home-grown annual celebration that has been enjoyed by all since 2012. The growth of this event has been organic, with its increase in popularity simply being due to the quality of items for sale and the incredible feel-good vibes that this flea market generates. The weekend antique fair is put together by a group of antique enthusiasts connected to the community of the town of Hummelo. This mix of entrepreneurs, residents, local companies and volunteers ensures that there is plenty of entertainment for all, and more than enough treats to shop for.

The weekend of the Vive la France Brocantemarkt aims to bring a slice of France to the Netherlands, and this is achieved through more than the flea market. However, the event organizers aim to ensure that the flea market is a highlight of the weekend, and stallholders are selected with care so that quality antiques are well represented and collectors will have plenty to chose from here. The surroundings of this lovely Dutch village are picturesque and provide an idyllic backdrop for anyone enjoying the fair.

The village church and the surrounding buildings are the focal points for the Vive la France Brocantemarkt as they are historic in themselves and full of character. More than 100 vendors set up their stalls through the streets here, and offer a wonderful selection of antiques. The range is great too; there are antique lace and linen, antique crockery, jewelry and dolls, clothing and incredible furniture. Each item is a talking point, and vendors know plenty about their wares.

Vive la France Brocantemarkt is definitely a highlight in the yearly calendar, for residents of Hummelo and for anyone that loves to rummage around and bargain hunt at a flea. Enthusiasts and connoisseurs come from all over the country but also from Germany, Belgium, the UK, and France. With the live music and excellent food trucks added to the mix, this is an event for the whole family and for anyone that wants to absorb both French and Dutch culture!

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