Wilmington Antique and Flea Market

Since 1983, Wilmington Antique and Flea Market has been a must-stop for travelers antiquing in this area of Vermont and is still today one of the largest flea markets in the region, both in terms of attending vendors and shoppers

Since 1983, Wilmington Antique and Flea Market has been a must-stop for local residents as well as travelers to this area of Vermont. Keen bargain hunters need to wait each year for fairer weather though, as this market opens up around mid-May and is then open for business every weekend until the middle of October. Over holiday weekends like Memorial Day, Labor Day, and Columbus Day, there are stalls stay up until the Monday too, and these fleas tend to be the largest of the season.

The Wilmington Antique and Flea Market is one of the largest in this part of Vermont, both with the number of vendors and also with the number of shoppers who attend. It is clear that the locals look forward very much to the first market of the season, and this makes for a wonderful atmosphere on the opening weekend, which carries on throughout the summer. All efforts are taken to make sure that a real event for the community is put on; admission is free for all, as is parking, and food stands are dotted around so the whole family can stay and enjoy the day.

With more than 10 acres available, the Wilmington Antique and Flea Market has plenty of space and definitely makes the most of it. Vendors are spaced around nicely, allowing areas for people to sit around and enjoy a drink when the weather is fine. There is a great selection of goods up for grabs here; stalls display lovely jewelry collections, glassware, furniture with some fantastic vintage and antique pieces dotted around, comics, collectible cards and so much more. Local crafts are also for sale here, alongside areas that are more like a farmers’ market with flowers, veggies, and other plants available.

The best chance to bag coveted vintage and antique collectibles at the Wilmington Antique and Flea Markets is over the holiday weekends, as this is the time when all the vendors want to be involved! However, there is a great range of items for sale here every weekend, and this is a market that is always worth a visit.

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