Washington County Antique Fair

For those that love a rare antique market that only opens up twice a year and features many highly collectable antiques, the Washington County Antique Fair and its 230 vendors will be the one you will not want to miss

For those that love a rare antique market, the Washington County Antique Fair will be the one you will not want to miss. There are more than 230 vendors that brings their wares to this antique fair only twice a year, and many of the items are highly collectable antiques that see the light of day for the first time here. Washington County Antique Fair is a special show indeed, and it is easy to see why it attracts such crowds.

Keen collectors will want to take advantage of the early doors tickets offered at Washington County Antique Fair. For many serious collectors this kind of offer is well worth it. Having first eyes on collectable antiques is often something that money can not buy, and there is always plenty at this antique market that will fill gaps in many a fine collection. There is a great deal of variety in the goods for sale at Washington County Antique Fair. From jewelry and vintage clothing, to antique furniture, comics, vinyl collections, vintage home and decorative items, artwork, lighting, farming tools, coin collections, toys, movie memorabilia and so much more. Visitors are certainly spoiled for choice.

Prices are reasonable too, and often real bargains can be had. There is obviously always plenty for everyone to browse through, whether hitting the stalls at the crack of dawn or at a more civilised time of the day! Washington County Antique Fair should not be mistaken with the Washington Antique Fair which is also a monthly antique market, located in McMurray, PA.

Washington County Antique Fair is an outdoor event, so shoppers can sometimes be at the mercy of the elements. However, it is only held twice a year, and usually during times of fine weather. The location is lovely, just a mile east of the scenic Hudson River, and there are plenty of historical sites to be enjoyed in the area. A little bit of local history puts one in the perfect mood for antique shopping.

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