Yamato Antique Fair – やまとプロムナード古民具骨董市

The largest of its kind in the Kanto district, with a reputation for selling top quality traditional Japanese antiques

Taking place on a monthly basis, the Yamato Antique Fair is a lively antiques market that hosts over 200 vendors. Because of the market’s location and its proximity to Yokohama, the event attracts various traders from both Yokohama and Kanagawa, making it the largest of its kind in the Kanto district.

Yamato Promenade Antique Market was first introduced in 1998 to promote businesses of the city’s commercial district, and the event has been supported by Yamato City and the chamber of commerce. Over the years merchants at the Yamato Antique Fair have established a reputation for selling top quality traditional kimonos, arts and crafts, and handmade accessories and clothing.

Some of the most common items visitors can find at the Yamato Antique Fair include Samurai helmets, wooden dragon masks, vintage toys, old woodblock prints, kimonos, Netsuke, vintage Kokeshi, Go tables, pottery, sake bottles, old tools, wooden statues and furniture.

All in all, shopping in Yokohama is an exciting and engaging experience, and most visitors generally end up buying more than what they anticipated. Visitors purchasing large items are generally shown the way by stall holders to the local delivery service.

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