Antique Alley Mall

With more than 12,000 square feet of retail space and over 65 merchants, Antique Alley Mall is one of the go-to places in Las Vegas to have all one's antiquing needs met

Located right on Main Street, the Antique Alley Mall is one of the go-to places to have all one’s antiquing needs met in Vegas. It could not be easier to find, and with more than 12,000 square feet of retail space it is certainly possible to get lost inside! Around 65 vendors set up shop under this one roof, and a wonderful variety of antique items can be found here. Collectors will have a ball, as there are always treasures to be found, and casual shoppers will be hard pushed to leave this mammoth store empty handed too.

Many of the vendors within the Antique Alley Mall are well established, and have sort of a mini shop set up within. Collectors flock to this mall from all over the country, and some have a specific vendor that they wish to visit. Quality is of utmost importance to everyone involved in the success of this mall, and vendors curate their collectors with pride and with care. All the staff are incredibly friendly and welcoming too, making it a perfect mall for anyone just dipping their toes into the world of antique and vintage collectables.

Shoppers hitting the Antique Alley Mall are often searching for specific collectables, but it is also the perfect place for anyone who simply enjoys unique, one of a kind items for their homes. Fantastic fashion and vintage hats can be found here, along side all kinds of signage, vintage cash registers and cameras, wood carvings, payphone booths, artwork, furniture, toys, musical Instruments and of course, plenty of Vegas memorabilia.

Walking through the Antique Alley Mall is like taking a literal trip down memory lane. Nostalgia surrounds every item for sale here, and shoppers will find themselves reminiscing about the good old days and chatting with each other and the vendors about days gone by. It is impossible to leave this mall empty handed.

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