Charleston Antique Mall

Voted the Best Antique Store in Las Vegas for a few years running, the 18,000 square feet Charleston Antique Mall has a little bit of something for everyone

Located close the the main strip in Las Vegas, the Charleston Antique Mall has a little bit of something for everyone. It takes up just over 18,000 square feet, and has been voted the Best Antique Store in Vegas for a few years running. This is no mean feat in a city that has quite a few antique malls to choose from like Antique Alley Mall and Antique Mall of America, all of which stock some wonderful antiques. It is therefor definitely worth stopping by at this mall to see what the fuss is all about!

With more than 60 different dealers setting up shop within the Charleston Antique Mall, there is obviously a fantastic variety of goods available for sale. Collectors come from near and far to shop here, and vendors work hard to ensure there is always something new and different to browse through on their stalls. Since this mall is open 7 days a week, this requires real work and commitment. It is clear that the vendors at the Charleston Antique Mall are passionate about their trade, and knowledgeable about antiques in general. No matter how regular of a customer you are, there will always be something new to see here.

The city of las Vegas is steeped in history, and the Charleston Antique Mall has become a place where vendors and locals swap stories, share knowledge and remember days gone by. Shoppers will find plenty of items representing “Sin City” through the years on sale here, as well as vintage clothing, artwork, ornaments, silver ware, china ware, items of furniture, vintage books, wall clocks, globes, kitchen items, memorabilia from the old West and a whole lot more.

The Charleston Antique Mall is the perfect place to visit for anyone who likes to have a story behind the items in their home. It is full of one-of-a-kind pieces, and visitors find it near on impossible to leave empty handed. There is great value for money to be had here too, so do not be shy of bargaining to get the best possible price!

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