Antiques Mall of Madison

The Antiques Mall of Madison is Madison's oldest and largest antique store, hosting more than 120 individual dealers over 18,000 square feet of exhibition space, and serving antiques to everyone that loves them from the same location since 1982

The Antiques Mall of Madison, Wisconsin stands proud in the Dane County and Madison area, serving antiques to everyone that loves them from the same location since 1982. This large store is Madison’s oldest antique mall. It spreads over 18,000 square feet and hosts more than 120 individual dealers, which also makes it one of Madison’s largest! A local family with a long-standing passion for the antiquing business owns and runs this store. It is clear that they see their antique mall as a part of the local community and it seems many of the regular shoppers feel that way too.

The dealers that trade within the Antiques Mall of Madison are all consummate professionals in the world of antiquing. Some of them have run their stalls in the same spot in this huge mall for 30 years! Therefore, there is nothing they do not know about their particular favorite genre of antiques. They are also well versed in the history of both the mall itself and the surrounding area. Their knowledge, and their willingness to share it, add to the community feel of the antique mall. Those just getting started in the world of antiques and collecting will have a great shopping experience here.

It can certainly take a few hours to fully explore the Antiques Mall of Madison. One always feels such joy to be able to visit such a store in person. To be able to see, touch, and evaluate so many wonderful antiques makes for a fantastic experience. So many dealers gathered under one roof leads to some healthy competition. Therefore, prices in this mall are always incredibly fair and definitely on the low side.

The Antiques Mall of Madison offers a huge selection of different antiques and collectibles for shoppers to choose from. Visitors will find antique furniture, Steiff bears, weapons, advertising memorabilia, vintage clothing, jewelry, watches, knives, glassware, silverware, prints, maps, dolls, vintage toys, comic books, political buttons, sewing machines, Red Wing pottery, tools, books, and too much more to name!

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