Antwerp Antique District

Antwerp has a reputation for hiding some excellent treasures in its second hand stores and fleas, and serious collectors generally focus their time on the two main areas that compose the Antwerp Antique District

The opportunities for antique shopping in Antwerp are many and varied, from antique markets to warehouse stores. The city has a reputation for hiding some excellent treasures in its second hand stores and fleas, and serious collectors generally focus their time on the two main areas that compose the Antwerp Antique District: Leopoldstraat & Mechelsesteenweg district, and Kloosterstraat Antique Street.

Called the Quartier Latin by Antwerpers, Leopoldstraat and the Mechelsesteenweg district are found in this neighborhood of the city, also known as the theatre district. The architecture here is beautiful, the history rich and the shops have grown to reflect that. The antiques stores are bordered by interior design studios, and the two complement each other perfectly. Anyone who is redecorating should take a walk through this neighborhood of the Antwerp Antique District. There is inspiration in every window display, and it will be impossible to pass without finding something that will fit perfectly in your home.

Leopoldstraat and the Mechelsesteenweg district are the home of some very high end antiques. Collectors are sure to be found in the stores here, and casual shoppers should be aware that they may need a slightly higher budget to snag some of the goods on offer. Every piece is worth the price tag though, and each store displays quality through and through.

Kloosterstraat Antique Street connects the south part of the city with the center. It is a mile-long stretch of fantastic second hand and antique stores, with bustling cafes and hip art galleries sandwiched between. The street always attracts crowds, but never more than on Sundays when the contents of the stores spill out onto the streets, creating the feeling of an impromptu flea market every weekend. Any time is a good time to visit, but Sundays are particularly special in this area of the Antwerp Antique District, since a trip there can be combined with a visit to the Sint-Jansvliet Antique Market located almost right at the end of Kloosterstraat.

Kloosterstraat is considered the place to be for many an artist, antique trader and designer, and only shows sign of its popularity growing. However, with the crowds come counterfeits, and shoppers are advised to have a discerning eye to identify the replicas among the real deals.

Antwerp Antique District attracts visitors from near and far. It is always a hit with locals, tourists know it to be a must-see area of the city, and collectors will make a pilgrimage here from overseas. Once you have been, you will understand why.

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  1. get in the groove and relive a life that no longer happens

    WE were on a Gate 1 river cruise and we stopped here, on the Sunday and were we glad . While not obsessive we enjoy a market and have picked up some enjoyable pieces in various countries. While we were early the place was not existent, it was only later that it came to life. The various antique furniture shops, the record shops , the atmosphere all made for a most enjoyable day. So much so, years later, that we are driving from Calais to Italy via these markets. Antwerp has a life that is unique and hopefully we will find again. It will cost us petrol, a hotel, time (is of the essence) but it will return that and more ( I hope) That’s good going to Antwerp says my wife, ( she does not know I am writing this ) so Antwerp it is July 6/7 don’t let us down I know you will not

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