Setting up roughly six times each year in the Grote Markt square, BrocAntwerpen is one of the best flea markets in Antwerp, catering to both casual flea market visitors and seriously qualified collectors

Belgians love getting out of the house and enjoying a street market, and as the second largest city in the country, Antwerp has some fantastic offerings. BrocAntwerpen is one of the best flea markets in the city, setting up roughly six times each year in the Grote Markt square near the center of Antwerp. It is an impressive backdrop indeed, and an equally impressive antiques market.

Both casual flea market visitors and seriously qualified collectors flock to BrocAntwerpen, and both are equally satisfied here. The market still feels fresh, though it is now embedded into the yearly calendar of the city. Vendors are certainly knowledgeable with an eye for quality, and ensure that their stalls are filled with new and exciting goods each time the market takes place. It has a reputation for holding some fantastic antiques among the curios, and certainly feels more like an antique market than your average garage sale.

There is so much on offer at BrocAntwerpen, truly something for everyone. Collectors are spoiled for choice, and those simply searching for a unique piece to furnish their homes are sure to buy more than they intended. Walking through this market is very much like stepping back in time, as you find yourself surrounded by items from bygone days. There are wonderful antique clocks, vases, old suitcases, globes, movie posters, stamp collections, match boxes, bird cages, record players, wooden sleds and some weird and wonderful examples of taxidermy throughout.

The market square that is the setting of the BrocAntwerpen is a wonderful place to be. It is an historical area, obviously constructed to be conducive to trade and it is impossible not to get swept up in the atmosphere of old world commerce and bargaining when visiting the market here. BrocAntwerpen is definitely a market that should not be missed, by casual tourists and serious collectors alike.

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