Architectural Warehouse

Architectural Warehouse is the place to visit for anyone interested in salvaging, redecorating, restoring, refurbishing or who always fancied unique and eye-catching vintage pieces in their home

With a name like Architectural Warehouse, visitors may be expecting a bit of an unfinished building, full of industrial-looking items in need of some expertise to refurbish. However, this could not be further from the truth. This slick store offers something unique to antique lovers and collectors in the area and is dedicated to curating quality pieces that anyone could fall in love with.

Something else that makes the Architectural Warehouse a little bit special is its owners and staff. Jim Strausbaugh, the owner of the store, can still be found on-site most days, talking to customers and sharing his passion with them. With a long history of acquiring artifacts from all over the world, he is dedicated to bringing in only the most unique of items and will happily share the stories behinds his goods with anyone who is interested. The staff here is also a wealth of information regarding all kinds of salvage, restoration, refurbishment, and design methods. Anyone who is in the middle of redecorating, or who always fancied some unique, vintage pieces in their home will love to get chatting to anyone working here.

The range of items found within Architectural Warehouse is quite amazing, and it is obvious that owners and managers have many years of experience in the business. Visitors will find selections of antique flooring, doors, hardware and tools, ironwork, chandeliers, stained glass windows, rugs, oil paintings, furniture, taxidermy and furs, books, crystal, silver, china, porcelain, and rare carvings. It really is an incredible collection, one that almost anyone would enjoy browsing around, whether serious antiques’ aficionado or not!

If shoppers are after something specific, the staff of Architectural Warehouse will be more than happy to take on the challenge to source collectible pieces for their customers. They also offer an excellent delivery service, so you can shop to your heart’s delight in this store and not worry about fitting all the treasures into your car at the end of the day.

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