Those that simply must keep up with current trends will want to visit Armazém, a converted warehouse located down by the Douro river in Porto, that is part gallery, part cafe and part antique store

Those that simply must keep up with current trends will want to visit Armazém in Porto. The name literally means ‘warehouse’ in Portuguese, and it is fitting indeed. This space is dedicated to the creative, and is part gallery, part cafe and part antique store. The converted warehouse is found down by the Douro river, and the outside of the building gives a gentle hint at what will be found within with chairs stuck to the wall surrounding a colorful sign. The sights once you step inside are more than a little impressive.

At first glance, the space within Armazém can be a little confusing. There is so much going on, with no emphasis on one particular thing. It is not a cafe with some artwork as decor, or an antiques shop with refreshments inside. It is all those things equally. And once visitors recognize this, they will find it very hard to leave.

Armazém has some excellent artwork on display around the store. Visitors will also see vintage furniture, toys and models, bicycles, mopeds and perhaps a vintage car, fantastic old luggage, pictures and photographs, old magazine collections, tools and countless curios. Each item is unique, with its own story to tell, and staff are more than happy to take the time to share these stories with interested shoppers.

After strolling through the store and admiring all the displays, the timing is perfect to take a drink and a snack at the cafe, discuss the most favorite items, and then take another round and add to the wish list! There is so much to see, taking some extra time here is more than worth it.

Once time has been spent shopping in Armazém, it will be hard to be inspired by ‘normal’ stores again! It is the ideal shop to find a one-of-a-kind item for the home, or a souvenir that no one else will have. One things that is certain is that any visitor here will not be able to leave empty handed.

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