Barfüsserplatz Flohmarkt

In the old medieval town of Basel, the Barfüsserplatz flohmarkt tops off any trip to this city, guaranteeing a precious souvenir or rarity for dedicated antiques collectors.

Twice a month, the center of the old medieval town centre of Basel becomes the setting of a beautiful flea market: the Barfüsserplatz flohmarkt.

The medieval city of Basel is one of Switzerland’s most underrated tourist attractions. It has a rich history, a beautiful combination of old and new architecture and yet has a cosmopolitan feel due to the borders it shares with France and Germany. A stroll through this beautiful city is topped off wonderfully by exploring the wares on this market.

It is very easy to get to the Barfüsserplatz flohmarkt, as the square is a hub for the eight tram lines in the city. Barfüsserplatz is dominated by the Barfüsserkirche, which creates a stunning backdrop for shoppers at the flohmarkt. Many stallholders set up here twice a month, and the great variety of goods on offer makes it a market that must be visited by anyone that enjoy flea markets, or shopping in general!

The Barfüsserplatz flohmarkt is well known for being home to rarities and special treasures. There are antique toys, vintage household ornaments, clothing, old record players and books to be found, among other things. It is generally not as popular as the weekly market held at Petersplatz, but bargains here are just as good, particularly for the early risers. Barfüsserplatz is the place to come to for unique and much loved items, and the variety of things found here reflect the rich cultural history of the city.

Due to the central location within the city, there are many cafes and restaurants within easy walking distance of Barfüsserplatz flohmarkt. If browsing around the numerous stalls creates fatigue, a refreshment is always close by. A shopping break can also be filled by taking a walk along the Rhine.

All in all, Basel is always worth a visit, and the Barfüsserplatz flohmarkt will top off any trip to this city, guaranteeing a precious souvenir or rarity for dedicated antiques collectors.

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