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The town of Belfort has a rich and varied history, with a mesh of different cultures forming the town that it is today, making it the perfect location for its flea market which attracts antique hunters from as far as Alsace and Switzerland.

The town of Belfort in France has a rich and varied history, with a mesh of different cultures forming the town that it is today. This kind of background makes it the perfect location for its monthly flea market, the Belfort flea market or Brocante de Belfort, which is now considered one of the best in France and well worth a visit, for those who are mad for collectables or simply enjoy browsing through curios.

Over recent years the Belfort flea market has grown into a good-sized event hosting more than 140 vendors and spreading over many streets in the city center (Place d’Armes, place de l’Arsenal, rue de la Grande Fontaine, rue des Bons Enfants, rue du Général Roussel, Grand-Rue), and continues to be a popular monthly attraction in the area. The flea market takes a break through January and February to avoid the wettest and coldest weather but other than that it stays open year round. Locals make up the majority of the crowd, though there are often visitors who travel to Belfort from as far as Alsace and Switzerland, for the quality of  antiques on sale.

As with all flea markets, the Belfort flea market has a fair amount of random knick-knack-type objects for sale, but there are some excellent collectable items and antiques to be found every month too. Belfort flea market is especially appealing to collectors of pottery and kitchenware. There is also copper and glassware, clocks, toys, vintage furniture, books, paintings and some military memorobilia on sale here.

Due to Belfort flea market’s location close to Alsace in the Franche-Comté part of the country, the market features special collectable items from this northeast region of the country, like Alsatian milk pitchers showcasing flower motifs, and traditional baking molds and dishware from Lorraine. Clocks from nearby Besançon are also on display. These culturally-specific items add to the charm of this flea market and is one of the reasons for its popularity.

The vendors selling at the Belfort flea market are all incredibly knowledgeable and friendly, and there is always an antiques expert presence so extra information is on hand for anyone that is interested!

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