Flohmarkt Petersplatz

In the culturally rich and historic city of Basel, a flea market pops up every Saturday in Petersplatz, located only a few blocks away from the Rhine river.

In the culturally rich and historic city of Basel, Flohmarkt Petersplatz pops up every Saturday. Because Petersplatz is central and located only a few blocks away from the Rhine river, an early morning shopping stroll can be followed with a beautiful stroll along the river.

Flohmarkt Petersplatz attracts many more local shoppers and flea market enthusiasts alike than tourists, which creates an incredibly happy, friendly and welcoming vibe to the whole area. Basel is a historic city and is renown for the amount of museums it holds. It is certainly a must-visit place for anyone interested in history and culture, all the more so as some suburbs of the city spread over both France and Germany! And this rich history is reflected in the goods sold at the Flohmarkt Petersplatz.

Vendors selling at Flohmarkt Petersplatz range from the consummate professional antique dealers to first-timers selling their own goods. Therefore, a broad range of items can be found at this flea market. Vintage handbags and clothes, paintings, old photographs and postcards, vintage cameras, antique silverware and china plates are just some of the things that can be found at Flohmarkt Petersplatz.

Haggling and general chatting with the vendors is welcomed and even encouraged! In the centre of the Flohmarkt Petersplatz, children are allowed to spread out a blanket and gain some sales experience as they sell off their own toys for extra pocket money. The only rule is that parents are not allowed to help them!

The central location of the Flohmarkt Petersplatz means that it is easy to find and accessible by foot, tram or bus. Things can get a bit muddy in bad weather as Petersplatz is surrounded by parks, and some vendors are better prepared than others for rain.

Flohmarkt Petersplatz is a perfect market to find a bargain. Prices of all the goods are incredibly reasonable, and towards the end of the day the amount of things that vendors are willing to give away for free increases. So it is worth hanging around and engaging in conversation!

The Flohmarkt Petersplatz is a perfect shopping location for unique souvenirs of the area, or simply just a slightly odd item for a gift. There is guaranteed to be something for everyone, and a good time will be had by all.

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