Brighton Flea Market

Filled to the brim with treasures from bygone times, Brighton Flea Market is the perfect place to stop off if you are in need of set pieces, or particular but quirky items for interior design

If you worry that Brighton Flea Market might be difficult to find, please stop now. This fantastic Aladins’ cave filled to the brim with treasures from bygone times is decorated with bright pink paint on its outer walls, and the sign announcing its name is none too subtle. It makes a statement and draws people in, and anyone that steps through the front doors will not regret their visit. Whether visitors plan to buy anything or not, they will find it very difficult to leave this flea market empty handed.

Spread over two floors, Brighton Flea Market is (like its sibling Lewes Flea Market) a true mash-up of different styles and tastes. Each floor is filled with eclectic cabinets, numbered and displaying varying arrays of goodies. The store is managed within by incredibly helpful staff, and they are looking after the wares on behalf of owners, identifiable only by the number on the units. Despite the locked cabinets, rummaging is absolutely welcomed, so just grab one of the ladies working in the store if you prefer a more hands-on approach to your shopping.

Brighton Flea Market has such a fabulous variety of items for sale. It is the perfect place to stop off if you are in need of set pieces, or particular but quirky items for interior design. There are also plenty of more useless items too of course, which no doubt some other visitor will fall in love with and have to have! Collectors will not be disappointed when confronted with the comics, ornaments, jewelry, furniture pieces, clocks, chandeliers, taxidermy, artwork, lamps, books, marketing signage and so much more.

Luckily, Brighton Flea Market is open every day, so those that are not able to buy everything they want in one visit can come back any time. Prices are reasonable here, and many of the stall owners are more than willing to strike a bargain, so all parties definitely leave satisfied.

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