Lewes Flea Market

Hosting over 60 antique vendors, Lewes Flea Market is one of the real hidden treasures of Lewes and has attracted dealers and shoppers from around the world through its doors since 1992

Lewes is a beautiful, historic town in England, and what better place to showcase antique and vintage goods than an old church. Lewes Flea Market has the perfect setting, and the old building creates a wonderful atmosphere for the unique oddities and historical curios held within. This Flea Market is one of the real hidden treasures of Lewes and has attracted dealers and shoppers from around the world through its doors since 1992.

Welcoming many thousands visitors each week, Lewes Flea Market means business. It opens up every day of the week throughout the year (like its sibling Brighton Flea Market), and shoppers that can not get enough of bargain hunting can always get their fix here.

This flea market takes up both floors of the old church, and there are more than 60 vendors within. Most of them are regulars, and with the flea market opening daily they have quite the task to ensure that goods do not stagnate. They fulfil this task admirably, and there is always something new to see whenever you visit this flea market. The vendors clearly enjoy their days too, and there is plenty of banter to be had when you take a stroll around. Shopping at Lewes Flea Market is always a pleasure. There is no pressure to buy, but someone is readily on hand to assist if shoppers need help or extra information.

With so much to see and browse through, it is almost impossible to leave Lewes Flea Market empty handed. Even if you are a regular visitor! Shoppers can find World War II memorabilia, toy collections, second hand furniture, retro chic, genuine antiques, 1970s kitsch, lightning fixtures , general bric-a-brac, clothing, jewelry, kitchen utensils, crockery, tools, books and comics, music collections, silverware and so much more.

Lewes Flea Market is very easy to find. It is pretty much in the town center, so there is plenty of parking close by. This flea market it the perfect place to spend an hour or two whenever you happen to be in Lewes. Vintage enthusiasts will not regret making a special trip here just to poke around the stalls. It is certainly one worth visiting.

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2 reviews

  1. Disrespect to public safety

    So very disappointed by the owner’s attitude towards customer safety during this COVID-19 crisis. Given that the ruling on face masks came into force yesterday, she was allowing people into the shop with no face covering. When I asked her about this (as I wanted to point out this breach in case she hadn’t seen them) her immediate reply was that the rule didn’t apply to her shop and that she’d rather take their custom over mine as she objected to my challenging her. When a store owner values profit over public health, I would never support this and would recommend avoiding this store until either the pandemic is over or they change their policy.

  2. Love it!

    This is a fantastic collection of collectables, great value, great finds, and a great way to spend an afternoon pottering around. The front doors are always flung open allowing plenty of air flow so nearly meets the outdoor experience standards. Love this place and always find something exceptional and unexpected. Not to be missed!! Roll on Christmas shopping in December- get some sustainable presents this year…

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