Brighton Racecourse Fair

The Brighton Racecourse Fair hosts four times a year around 200 vendors peddling their wares, making it the perfect shopping experience for all those interested in items from days gone by

Just four times a year, through the warmer months, the Brighton Racecourse becomes the setting for an event whose fame has gone well beyond the town of Brighton: the Brighton Racecourse Fair. This antique fair has grown steadily over the years, and now hosts almost 200 vendors peddling their wares, making it the perfect shopping experience for all those interested in items from days gone by, with an eye for a bargain.

Just like the Lingfield Antiques, Collectables and Vintage Fair, Vendors selling at the Brighton Racecourse Fair are always carefully selected to ensure that there is a unique variety of the kinds of items for sale, and rarely do visitors find two stalls that look similar. As well as spanning all tastes, organizers of the Brighton Racecourse Fair also make sure that there is something here to suit all budgets. Casual shoppers and serious collectors alike who attend this antique market, are almost guaranteed to find something to fill their homes.

From beautiful vintage items to precious antiques, Brighton Racecourse Fair provides the window into the past that flea market enthusiasts are searching for. There are some amazing pieces of antique furniture, artwork, ornaments of glass and china, tea sets, antique telephones, typewriters, posters, toys, comics, postcards, teddy bears, old bicycles and so much more. It is too easy to spend a day just looking around all these stalls, and of course it is impossible to leave without buying something!

The Brighton Racecourse Fair is rather easy to get to by car or by public transport. There is plenty of free parking for visitors, and once inside every need is catered for with a number of food and drink stands. There is also a fully stocked bar on site, and often musical entertainment going on. The Brighton Racecourse Fair can be enjoyed by the whole family and should not be missed.

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