Lingfield Antiques, Collectables and Vintage Fair

Lingfield Antiques, Collectables and Vintage Fair hosts up to 130 handpicked dealers, and offers the best selection of antiques for visitors to browse through

Located right on the border of Surrey and Sussex, Lingfield Park Racecourse is within very easy reach of London and Kent. This makes it a perfect, accessible location for Lingfield Antiques, Collectables and Vintage Fair, which takes place just a handful of times each year.

The area hosting the Lingfield Antiques, Collectables and Vintage Fair is completely indoor, which means that antique shopping here can be enjoyed come rain or shine, which is a fantastic thing in such a unreliable country as England! Antique and vintage enthusiasts should definitely mark the dates in their calendar, and be sure to attend this fair on the rare occasions it pops up.

Lingfield Antiques, Collectables and Vintage Fair hosts up to 130 stalls, and just like the Brighton Racecourse Fair, each vendor is hand picked in order to provide the best selection of items for visitors to browse through. A wide variety of tastes and budgets are provided for, ensuring that there is certainly something for everyone at this fair. It also means that it is a  fair hard to leave empty handed!

Lingfield Antiques, Collectables and Vintage Fair is always bristling with amazing items. There are incredible old toys, vintage comics and prints, vintage clothing, furniture, chinaware, decorative items, jewelry and brooches, tools and kitchen utensils, lamps, glassware, binoculars, mirrors, silverware, gardening items and so much more. Bargaining is welcomed, and vendors are ready and willing to share the stories behind their objects for sale with any interested passers-by.

The location of Lingfield Antiques, Collectables and Vintage Fair at the racecourse means that there are top class, modern facilities to be enjoyed by all visitors – shoppers and vendors alike! The antique fair offers amazing views over the racecourse and the surrounding countryside, free parking, Wi-Fi and refreshments. The site at large also has a hotel, spa and golf course. What more could one want from an antiques fair?

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