Brocante de Lutry

Brocante de Lutry is a three days flea market gathering up to 65 antiques merchants, and offering a scenic view from the banks of the Lac Leman.

Located between Lausanne and Vevey (Switzerland), Lutry looks like a holiday resort in summer. No wonder why this medieval borough is also known as the St. Tropez Vaudois.

Walking by the lake while enjoying an ice cream, renting a sailboat for the day, or simply sipping a drink at one of the many terraces while perfecting your French with other fellow customers, are some of the most common activities in Lutry.

But if its beach and canteen, as well as its marinas lined with restaurants, are the most famous attractions of Lutry all year long, there’s something else this place is famous for: its yearly Spring flea market.

Once a year, the Brocante de Lutry gathers more than 65 antique merchants who set their booths along the banks of Lutry for a three days flea market event. Art deco frames and painting, vintage glassware, local crockery, old mirrors & clocks, jars and pottery, cutlery, candle holders, jewelry, vintage chairs, old dolls, and vintage toys… you name it: the Lutry flea market is always a fun time for bargain hunters, tourists or just passersby!

But besides the enjoyment of looking for a hidden gem or just discovering arts and crafts of a bygone era in a relaxed atmosphere, the true highlight of the Lutry flea market is certainly its scenic view from the banks of Lake Geneva or Lac Leman. Extending over 133 square miles (345 km2), Lake Geneva is one of the largest lakes in Western Europe.

And since the region is famous for its mild temperatures in summer and its unbeatable weather conditions (think blue sky and sunshine…), a trip to the Brocante de Lutry is a journey in itself that doesn’t disappoint.

And even if you did not find what you were looking for, if a merchant did not lower his price enough or if that beautiful Art Nouveau necklace got taken away from you by a faster customer, all of that really doesn’t matter after all. The view from the banks of the Lac Leman is a reward in itself.

Now, go do what tourists in Lutry do: enjoy an ice cream, rent a sailboat, or simply sip a (well deserved) drink at one of the many terraces while perfecting your French with other fellow customers.

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