Puces de Nyon & Brocante de Rive

Once a month, more than 200 traders and antiques dealers set up their stalls at the Puces de Nyon flea market, along the Lake Geneva shore.

Once a month, more than 200 traders and antiques dealers set up their stalls at the Puces de Nyon flea market. The vendors snake along a kilometer through the narrow, medieval streets of this quaint town and line the shore of lake Geneva. It is the picturesque setting, which reminds of the Brocante de Lutry, as much as the excellent flea market that draws visitors to Puces de Nyon in their thousands once a month.

With the lake on one side of the Puces de Nyon flea market and the Chateau de Nyon on the other, this stunning location creates the ambience of the market. The pace is slow, and the overall vibe is very laid back and friendly, perhaps because everyone is enjoying the sights as much as the shopping. On a clear day, Monc Blanc can even be spotted in the distance. The scenery and atmosphere can be soaked up by taking refreshments in any of the numerous cafes lining the winding streets of the old town.

The earliest arriving vendors will secure a pitch along the shore line of lake Geneva, as this is by far the most popular and stunning location of the Puces de Nyon flea market. The port walls are utilized by the sellers to display their wares. There is such a wide range of goods to be found at Puces de Nyon from antique cutlery, crockery and ornaments to children’s toys, vintage jewelery and stamp collections.

The Puces de Nyon flea market can be a little expensive and haggling is rarely a successful tactic here to get a big discount. However, it is always possible to find a bargain of course – it just might take a bit more determined rummaging and an early arrival always helps. The easiest way to get to the Puces de Nyon flea market is to park in the public car park at the top of the hill and take a 5-minute walk down to the vendors.

There is such an enjoyable shopping experience to be had at the Puces de Nyon flea market, it is very easy to become lost in both the historic goods on sale and the striking location here.

In addition to the monthly Puces de Nyon, the town of Nyon hosts once a year the Brocante de Rive. Held since 1976 on the last full weekend of August,  the Brocante de Rive is a two-days antique show featuring over 80 professional antique dealers selling antiques (30%), vintage, and flea market items (70%). Shoppers familiar with the Brocante de Lutry will find a lot of similarities in terms of merchandise at the Brocante de Rive.

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