Plainpalais Flea Market

The largest flea market by far in Geneva, and one of the largest in Switzerland, the Plainpalais flea market is once a month a meeting point for flea market hunters, antique collectors, and nostalgic passersby.

The Plaine de Plainpalais is an expansive open space of roughly 78,000 sqm in the south-central city district of Geneva. This venue regularly hosts anything from circus performers to skaters occupying the space depending on the day. However, twice a week and on the first Sunday of each month the space is filled with vendors, stalls and sellers hosting the Plainpalais flea market. Plainpalais flea market, also known as Marché aux puces de Plainpalais, is the largest market by far in Geneva, and one of the largest in all of Switzerland.

Plainpalais flea market is just a short walk, or even shorter tram ride, from the main city centre to reach Plainpalais. The location was mentioned in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, and a monument of the monster stands proud among the market stalls here! Though large, the atmosphere at Plainpalais flea market is that of a friendly, multicultural community. It is common to see local people enjoying a stroll through the stalls of the flea market to catch up with the long-standing vendors here.

On the side of Plainpalais where the tram is located, there are mostly cheap, household goods. This whole area has the feel of a car-boot-sale and though the prices are cheap, the goods tend to reflect that. Head to the university side of the square for more vintage offerings. There is an especially excellent range of vintage clothing, and also pieces of antique furniture that can be found here. It is of course best to show up early at Plainpalais flea market to source the best items, and the best vintage items seem to be around on Saturdays rather than Wednesday.

Plainpalais flea market is best enjoyed during fine weather as the large space is open to the elements. There is plenty of pleasant seating available around the whole area. Stalls are ready for business from as early as 06:00.

Plainpalais flea market always attracts large crowds. It is an incredible space within the city to enjoy exploring, and there are sure to be items to please all shoppers.

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