Cambridge Antique Market

Cambridge Antique Market is one of the largest antique stores of its kind in Massachusetts, hosting 150 different dealers dedicated to the sale of all things old and collectible, spread on five entire floors of a picturesque building

The building that houses the Cambridge Antique Market is simply lovely to behold. It is very picturesque and promises vintage and antique treasures to those with the time to browse. Perhaps best of all, it is huge! Five entire floors are dedicated to the sale of all things old and collectible, and spread among these 5 floors are 150 different dealers. This makes it one of the largest stores of its kind in Massachusetts and it is easy to see why it is such a popular shopping destination and why so many people come back again and again.

It can take a good few hours to properly explore everything that is displayed at the Cambridge Antique Market. However, no one would dispute that this is time well spent. It is not just the sheer number of different items to see, but also the different vendors that man their stalls. Each one is incredibly knowledgable about their wares and in many cases is a passionate collector too. Not each of the 150 dealers is present in the store every day, though whoever is manning the shop floor is ready to help, answer questions, and get into a conversation about the wonders of antiques and collecting! It creates a real community vibe, which is one of the reasons that this store has such a strong following.

The Cambridge Antique Market runs the gambit in terms of what kind of antiques and vintage items can be found. Furniture items of all shapes and sizes can be found, alongside lighting, decorative items, paintings, sculptures, papers, sports memorabilia, glass, ceramics, photographica, books, silverware, toys, religious items, clothing, and so much more. Vendors take care to switch up their displays, particularly paying attention to whatever holiday may be just around the corner, so even the most regular of visitors will always have something new to see here.

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