C’era una volta Gonzaga

Hosting over 400 dealers, C’era una volta Gonzaga takes place regularly throughout the year, and is undoubtedly one of the most interesting antique markets in the province of Mantua.

El mercatino d’antiquariato C’era una volta Gonzaga, which basically translates into “Once upon a time” antiques and collectables market, is suitably named since every wonderful story starts with this opening sentence. C’era una volta takes place in Gonzaga regularly throughout the year, and is undoubtedly one of the most interesting antique markets in the province of Mantua.

C’era una volta Gonzaga has been operating in this area for more than twenty years now, and is organized by the Numismatic Philatelic and Hobby Club of Gonzaga, together with the Fair Authority. The market spreads out over a huge area (around 8,000 square meters) and divides Piazza Matteotti, with stalls occupying almost all of the adjacent streets. There are currently more than 400 vendors clamoring for space at C’era una volta Gonzaga, and the participants are selected to hold these coveted stands from both home and abroad. This adds to the quality and range of the goods for sale of course.

Opening from sunrise until sunset, C’era una volta Gonzaga is a bustling market and grows more so each year. There are both covered pavilions and stalls set up in outdoor areas, so it can be enjoyed whatever the weather. Thousands of rare and sought-after pieces can be found at the C’era una volta Gonzaga including furniture, period objects, paintings and sculptures, stamps, coins, ceramics, porcelain, vintage clothing and accessories and many other curiosities.

The works of art are always in great demand at C’era una volta Gonzaga, and they are offered to hundreds of people in the Millennium market. The pieces cover a wide historical period that goes from antiquity to the twentieth century. Therefore the interests of many different collectors can be satisfied.

Those looking simply for a fascinating market to browse through and enjoy will not regret a day spent at C’era una volta Gonzaga. There is always the chance to bring a treasure home, as this market definitely has something for everyone.

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