Chicago Antique Market Randolph Street

Over 300 vendors make up the Chicago Antique Market. Discover a world of eclectic vintage treasures and trinkets.

Chicago Antique Market is part of Randolph Street Market – a humongous urban market that also hosts Indie Designer Market and Modern Vintage Chicago. It takes place every Saturday and Sunday from 10am until 5pm.

Spread out over 8 acres of land, customers can indulge in some vintage shopping whilst enjoying delicious fresh food, beverages, live music and other entertainment. More than 300 vendors open for business at the Chicago Antique Market. Find all sorts of quirky antiques and collectibles, such as comic books, semi-precious stones set in sterling silver, second-hand clothing and funky décor and home furnishings.

The Randolph Street market has been hailed the “Soho of the Midwest”. It’s European-style, indoor and outdoor antique market features high quality retro finds and curiosities. If you buy tickets online beforehand then it’s $8, and if you buy them at the door it will cost $10. This is quite steep considering the selection of vintage and antique products isn’t overly high. However, the vendors don’t overcharge for their items and you can tell that they are excited and happy to be at the flea market – which is very important!

The event is a spectacular ‘show’ that entertains people of all ages. Children under 12 are welcomed in for free. There are many different areas to explore and one could easily spend the whole day enjoying all that the Randolph Street Market has to offer.

Antiquing Tip Of The Day

When you’re looking for something specific, don’t be too shy to ask for directions. Merchants often know each other, or at the very least know about the other merchants, and can tell you which way to explore far better than a map can.

— Amanda Sims, writer at
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