Drum Farm Antiques

Boasting 7000 square feet with 10 different sellers, Drum Farm Antiques has something special to suit every taste and need, with fresh stock arriving daily from auction, and house clearances to satisfy avid collector, professional dealer, gardener, and interior decorator

When approaching Drum Farm Antiques, you would be forgiven for thinking you had made a wrong turn and were pulling up outside a farm’s warehouse or working site. The surrounding area is rolling green countryside, though the route to access the store could not be more convenient; being just north of the Edinburgh city bypass, there is easy access to all major central Scotland road routes. Sometimes stock from the store spills out into the front yard, allowing visitors a sneak peek at the treats they are in for and leaving no doubt that you have arrived at the right place after all!

Drum Farm Antiques have their fingers in many different pies when it comes to sourcing the very best vintage and antique collectibles for their store. They regularly attend auctions to snap up the best items for further sale, they offer a house clearance service during which their professional and experienced eyes will pick out anything valuable and collectible, and they have worldwide connections to ship in items from further afield. All this effort means that new items are constantly arriving in the store and there is always something new and exciting to look at and add to the wish list.

With a great website allowing for remote shopping opportunities, it may not feel necessary to go to Drum Farm Antiques itself, but this would be a huge mistake! Inventory is selected to display on the website, so there is always so much more to see in the actual store. 10 different vendors display their wares here and the 7000 square feet of space is well organized and enjoyable to walk through. Visitors will see chests of drawers, cabinets, tables and chairs, pieces of art, mirrors, luggage sets, coat hooks, old TVs, silverware, ornamental items, copper kettles and so much more.

Whether you are an avid collector, professional dealer, gardener, interior decorator, or someone searching for inspiration for their home, Drum Farm Antiques has something special to suit every taste and need.

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