Georgian Antiques

Located in a former Abbots Choice whiskey bond with more than 50,000 sqft spread over 5 floors, and a backup warehouse with 28,000 sqft of space, Georgian Antiques has one of the largest selections of antiques in the UK

Georgian Antiques was started back in 1978 by Padraic Dixon in a small premise at Jocks Lodge, Meadowbank in Edinburgh. His brother John Dixon joined the venture in 1981 and as the business continually expanded, the store had to keep moving into ever-larger premises. In 1985, Georgian Antiques moved to a former Abbots Choice whiskey bond, where it remained to this day. This incredible building has more than 50,000 square feet of exhibition space spread over an impressive 5 floors, with an additional backup warehouse nearby, offering an extra 28,000 square feet of storage. This is truly a collection of antiques that must be seen to be believed!

After that introduction, it perhaps goes without saying that Georgian Antiques is now one of the largest selections of antiques in the UK. The store now considers itself somewhat of a Mecca for interior designers, collectors, the general public, and traders. Whether on the lookout for a prop for a TV commercial or searching for a special piece of furniture for the home, this store can take care of every antique and vintage need there is. Georgian Antiques seems to have a bit of everything. With furniture, clocks, lighting, mirrors, pictures and so many other collectibles ranging from the 17th century on, it is impossible to leave here empty-handed.

Over the years, the team of Georgian Antiques also expanded and now includes cabinet makers, French polishers, porters, and dedicated sales staff. It is fantastic to find so many different professionals under one roof and it makes this store a must-visit for anyone just starting up a collection or beginning to get interested in all things antique. This is the place to bring those starting questions or to begin to figure out personal collecting tastes. Whatever the preference or budget may be, the staff here have the time and the knowledge to match each visitor with their perfect item.

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