Encans Gelineau & Fils

Large, spacious and filled to the brim with fascinating treasures and one of a kind antiques and collectibles, the meticulously curated auction house Encans Gelineau & Fils needs to be seen to be believed

The exterior of Encans Gelineau & Fils looks akin to a well kept warehouse. But the space inside is incredible. Large, spacious and filled to the brim with antiques and art, Encans Gelineau & Fils needs to be seen to be believed. This auction house holds regular, weekly auctions, so the displays are certainly geared towards this, showcasing the highlights and items that will soon go under the hammer. For those that enjoy a museum-browsing feel to their shopping trips, this is definitely the place to be.

Antique buffs and flea market enthusiasts in the market for high end collectibles and antiques should certainly have Encans Gelineau & Fils on the list of stores that must be visited. The goods are meticulously curated and the displays full of fascinating treasures and one of a kind pieces. The owners of the store have a clear passion for antiques, and their knowledge of stories behind the items reaches far. Shoppers that enjoy the stories behind the goods will have a field day here.

There is a range of items up for grabs at Encans Gelineau & Fils. As you can imagine from an auction house, nothing is dirt cheap here, but everything within is worth the price tag. Pieces range from oversized hardwood items of furniture to collectible comics. There are lamps, clocks, antique canoes, vintage furniture, old appliances, paintings, musical instruments and amazing toys. There are old bicycles, pinball machines and tills, alongside advertising memorabilia. Encans Gelineau & Fils is an eclectic gathering of goods that shoppers can easily get lost in.

Auctions at Encans Gelineau & Fils happen regularly and pieces being auctioned off are often featured in some way in the store, and also on the store’s online shop. For those that would like to experience their first auction, Encans Gelineau & Fils is a great place to do it. There is no pressure around, organizers are incredibly friendly and you can sit back and enjoy the show! And probably end up buying something.

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