Féau & Cie

A throwback to the grand tradition of carved woodwork that has graced many a grand Parisian hotel particulier and castle, Féau & Cie and its team of over 40 skilled cabinetmakers reclaim and restore since 1875 historically significant French woodwork and boiseries to rebuild exquisite salons from centuries past

Masters of their craft since 1875, Féau & Cie specializes in the reproduction and restoration of antique wood paneling, gracefully carrying on the 400-year-old grand tradition of carved woodwork in France, that has graced many a grand Parisian hôtel particulier and chateau.

The origins of Féau & Cie go back to 1875 when C. Fournier collaborated with prestigious architects on exclusive buildings such as the Palais Rose in Paris and the Villa Ephrusi for Rothschild at St Jean Cap Ferrat. Still dedicated to large-scale decorative woodwork, Féau & Cie pursued this activity in 1919 with R. Greloux in the pure French 18th-century style, contributing particularly to the New York World Fair in 1939 and the first manifestations of French Art Deco in Paris.

Nowadays, Féau & Cie’s library of several thousand documents enables its team of over 40 skilled employees to accurately recreate and restore the most beautiful decors whether antique or of style. Their extensive pattern books allow their customers to pick designs of all types to have their craftsmen customize the look they desire, and craft new panels to help fill out a room scheme.

Féau & Cie’s showroom also features a collection of more than 120 complete room panelings that will take you through the whole history of French interior design: panels dating from the 17th and 18th centuries adorned with carved wreaths of oak leaves or incorporating musical instruments, as well as Art déco woodwork incorporating fabulous geometric wonders created by artists such as Jacques-Emile Ruhlmann, Eugène Printz, and Emilio Terry. The studio is truly incredible; room after room of paneling, doors, moldings, and woodwork is beyond comprehension.

Féau & Cie works in collaboration with decorators, architects, private collectors, and museums like the Metropolitan Museum in New York and the Getty Museum, and regularly takes part to prestigious events involving antiques or Art Deco in Maastricht, Palm Beach, Moscow, and the Biennales des Antiquaires et des Décorateurs in Paris.

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