Flat Rock Speedway Flea Market

Held at the Flat Rock Speedway, the semi-annual Flat Rock Speedway Flea Market takes place twice a year rain or shine and its 200 dealers deliver shopping thrills to over 10,000 thrifters each year

Flat Rock has several associations with the automobile industry and car lovers. Not only is the city home to a Ford Assembly Plant, but it also has the Flat Rock Speedway. The Speedway may see plenty of races, but it also delivers thrills of a different kind to thrifters, as the racetrack serves as the setting for one of the most exciting flea markets in Michigan: the Flat Rock Speedway Flea Market.

Held by the Flat Rock Historical Society, the semi-annual Flat Rock Speedway Flea Market takes place literally on the racetrack and is open rain or shine. The Society operates the market in May and October, and it’s one of the most-attended flea markets in Michigan, attracting over 10,000 shoppers each year. When the weather is pleasant, the Flat Rock Speedway Flea Market is a great way to spend the day as you browse for new treasures.

On market days, the speedway will be full of antique dealers, each with their tables full of wares. There’s also an overflow section with even more vendors so you may want to attend as early as possible.  The merchandise selection of the Flat Rock Speedway Flea Market is diverse, with items including auto collectibles, glassware, vintage clothing, coins, paintings, advertising collectibles, and more. On average, flea market enthusiasts may see 200 or 300 dealers at this event.

Pricing at the Flat Rock Speedway Flea Market is fair and most sellers will negotiate, so don’t be afraid to bargain over a piece you simply must have. Wagons or carts are encouraged to help you haul your buys easily to your car, and it will make it easier to travel up and down the racetrack seeing all of the merchants.

The Flat Rock Historical Society Flea Market offers free admission and while you’re there, you have the chance to purchase a snack or drink at one of the on-site concession stands. Clean indoor restrooms and plenty of parking also await you at the Flat Rock Historical Flea Market.

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    1. This is one of the best flea markets that I’ve been too (and I go to alot of them) it is huge and it’s the only one I know of that doesn’t charge to get in. They have lots of stuff!

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