Royal Oak Antiques and Collectibles

Held once a month throughout the year, the Royal Oak Antiques and Collectibles attracts over 50 serious vendors selling high quality vintage and antique collectibles

Many farmers markets will advertise an occasional flea market, but the Royal Oak Antiques and Collectibles is in a class of its own. You won’t find swap meet or yard sale leftovers here. Held at the Royal Oak Farmers Market on Sundays throughout the year, this flea market is the perfect weekend activity.

Grab a fresh baked good and a cup of coffee, and then stroll the Royal Oak Antiques and Collectibles flea market to see all of the vintage and antique collectibles for sale. As the flea market is open year-round, the selections around the rest of the farmer’s market change as well. When the weather is in the cooler months, visitors don’t miss the opportunity to get a cup of fresh hot cider, fresh-cut Christmas wreaths, and plenty of baked goods at the market.

Royal Oak Antiques and Collectibles attracts over 50 serious vendors each week plus you’ll also see those sellers who are trying to clean out a relative’s house with an estate sale. Merchandise for sale at the flea market typically includes furniture, coins, advertising collectibles, jewelry, artwork, memorabilia, housewares, Americana and much more.

The wide variety of merchants selling at the Royal Oak Antiques and Collectibles means that you can expect to see plenty of new wares with each visit. Even if you’re on a budget, there are bargains to be had and most vendors are open to haggling. Sellers are located both indoors and outdoors, so it is generally advised to have a browsing plan before showing up at the Royal Oak Antiques and Collectibles flea market. 

The facilities are welcoming and include an on-site café, clean restrooms and air-conditioning to make shopping comfortable. Parking is available in the market’s attached lot. Royal Oak is a suburb of Detroit, and this flea market (and accompanying farmer’s market) makes an attractive way to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city for a day. Live music may also be available depending on the schedule.

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