Foire aux Antiquités et à la Brocante de Barjac

The Foire aux Antiquités et à la Brocante de Barjac is a large antique market featuring over 400 vendors from all over France, that takes place twice a year over five days in a picturesque renaissance town in Southern France

The Foire aux Antiquités et à la Brocante de Barjac is a large, biannual antique market that has been flawlessly taking place since 1972 in a quaint little renaissance town overlooking the Cevennes. This picturesque town is found in the south of France, somewhere between the gorges of Cèze and the Ardèche region, and would perhaps be unknown to tourists and those outside of the area if not for the fantastic antique market held here.

Held in Easter and mid-August over several days, the Foire aux Antiquités et à la Brocante de Barjac welcomes over 430 merchants from all over France, and can take a couple of days to navigate through the town and see all the treats on offer here.

Barjac is a historic town in its own right, making it the perfect location for this biannual antique fair. Ruins of 14th century defensive walls can still be seen around the outskirts, and there are some ancient-looking trees throughout. The market literally takes over the whole town, and there are stalls strategically scattered throughout, meaning that wherever visitors turn there are antique treasures to see.

With is being a relatively rare event, it really feels like vendors save up their best stuff for this unique antique fair. Visitors will find antique furniture, vintage wallpaper rollers, dishes, chinaware and crockery of all kinds, vintage clothing and textiles, art, painting and prints, vintage cheese molds, stunning old doors and shutters, signs and advertising memorabilia, vintage posters, antique postcards and photographs, old books, toys, jewelry and plenty of curios and bric-a-brac. It is a real treat to wander through all the stalls here, for collectors and casual browsers alike.

Anyone with even a passing interest in antiques will want to make sure they visit the Foire aux Antiquités et à la Brocante de Barjac at least once in their lives. It is such a pleasure to walk through a whole village dedicated to antiques, and a rare opportunity indeed.

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