Foire de Chatou

The Foire de Chatou is one of the most important antiques fair in France and a true gastronomic journey, bringing together twice a year more than 700 dealers and 35,000 visitors

The Foire de Chatou Antiques Fair near Paris, is one of the most important antiques and collectibles fair in France. An institution on its own, the Foire de Chatou Antiques Fair brings together twice a year in October and March, more than 700 dealers from all over the country and welcomes 35,000 visitors over 12 days.

In its 45 years of existence, the Foire de Chatou Antiques Fair has managed to keep its genuine charm and authenticity (Worthy of the “Luncheon of the Boating Party”, on the Impressionist Island, as painted by Renoir), while adapting to new trends combining tradition and modernity. This fair brings together professionals with an eclectic range of personalities and specialties, from classical art to modern design.

This diversity in styles and tastes has always been deeply rooted in the fair’s DNA. From vintage diving helmet and retro slot machine to gramophone, paintings and psychedelic furniture, the Foire Chatou is a paradise for bargain hunters and antiques lovers. Through the sights of objects from the late nineteenth century until the 1970s, this fair offers a true invitation to travel through time.

However, finding one’s way through the 700 booth can be a bit overwhelming to a neophyte. This year, the fair’s organizers introduced for the first time, the “haggling lessons”. This series of VIP guided tours supervised by a group of top notch decorators and antiques dealers, are intended to help visitors master the art of antique-hunting like a pro and take advantage of expert advice for nearly two hours.

Formerly known as the Foire à la Brocante et aux Jambons (Flea market and Hams Fair), the Foire de Chatou Antiques Fair also highlights French gastronomy. Dozens of farmers from around France offer a rich gastronomic journey too all visitors: while pig and deli remain in the spotlight, other traditional French products, such as oysters, foie gras and wine can be enjoyed on site.

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    1. Un evénement incontournable regroupant antiquaires et brocanteurs de qualité!

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