Golden Nugget Antique Flea Market

The Golden Nugget Antique Flea Market is the East Coast’s premier market for vintage and retro items, taking place three times a week year-round

Some consider the Golden Nugget Antique Flea Market as the East Coast’s premier market for vintage and retro items. In any case, the Golden Nugget is a “gold mine”, disguised as an indoor/outdoor market specializing in antiques, collectibles, art and more: Three times a week, thousands of savvy antique-hunters and bargain-browsers flocks to the Golden Nugget to find a variety of just about anything and everything old or “new-again”.

The list of vintage treasures you might find there is long and includes furniture & home decor, paintings, clothing, jewelry, Victorian collectibles, sports memorabilia, model trains, books, dolls, arts & crafts, toys & games, lamps, pottery, comic books, vinyl albums, clocks, watches, glass, china, porcelain, garden items, coins, stamps, art deco, hardware and everything else imaginable that is antique or collectible.

Besides looking for the perfect gift for family or friends, one of the main reasons people shop here is to find decorative items for their homes. According to the organizers of the Golden Nugget Antique Flea Market, the crowd of buyers lately includes the faces of a younger and diverse group of people. Young adults are frequenting the Golden Nugget looking to blend store-bought items with a bit of their own nostalgia to create an eclectic mix of styles that reflect who they are now, as well as where they came from. Part of the excitement of the Golden Nugget is that anything can turn up at any time.

If you are looking for something specific, by all means, ask the antique dealers. Most exhibitors have merchandise in other locations and may not carry all their items with them. Also, many may have different merchandise at different times of the year.

Aside from the unique merchandise mix, the Golden Nugget Antique Flea Market is enhanced by the friendly dealers who come weekly (some for over 30 years!) to sell a variety of wares. It is this chemistry that makes the Golden Nugget Antique Flea Market a very exciting shopping experience.

The Golden Nugget Antique Flea Market has an ATM machine on site as well as two restaurants where you can take a lunch break or enjoy a variety of refreshments at fair prices.

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3 reviews

  1. I love the friendly dealers. For me it is like going on a treasure hunt never knowing what you will find. Naive artist rose Walton table 138 weekly spring thru winter. Antiques abound. Jewelry old and new. Old toys. Just love this place.

  2. Best flea market in NJ. Love the huge variety of sellers. Worth your time if you love to browse. Actual collectables and antiques, with a minimum of vendors selling caseloads of crap from China.

  3. Golden Nugget a Different Market on Different Days of the Week

    Golden Nugget used to be strictly vintage and antique merchandise though a few years ago they loosened restrictions to allow more mainstream flea market vendors. However, don’t fret, antiques and vintage items are still very well-represented.

    Wednesday is the best day to find steals and deals as there are few savvy, professional vendors. Pickers/dealers make up most of its crowd on Wednesdays and frugal collectors should try to make it on this day at least once in a while.

    Sunday though is the best day overall for shoppers as the market is filled with vendors and literally tons of old stuff at anywhere from very cheap to very expensive prices. It’s not quite the pickers’ paradise that Wednesday is but the volume of vendors and mix of merchandise more than makes up for that. Collectors with a moderate amount of endurance, fairly good bargaining skills, thickness of skin, patience, and a somewhat substantial bankroll could do well at Golden Nugget on Sundays and also have a great time along the way.

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