Grande Brocante de Chambord

Once a year on May Day, the Grande Brocante de Chambord offers a majestic and exceptional setting for professional antique merchants and flea market lovers

Built by French king Francois 1er in the early 16th century, the Chateau de Chambord is the largest castle in the Loire Valley and a classic example of French Renaissance architecture. It is also an unlikely, yet perfect, setting for one of the most beautiful flea markets in France: the Grande Brocante de Chambord.

Set in the streets of the village and on the southern parterre of the Chambord castle, the Grande Brocante de Chambord offers once a year on May Day, a majestic and exceptional setting for professional antique merchants and flea market lovers. Over 50,000 visitors and nearly 500 exhibitors from all over France and from various European countries attend this huge brocante, which spread over more than five kilometers of alleys.

This diversity in styles and tastes has always been deeply rooted in the Grande Brocante de Chambord’s DNA. From Antique furniture and heirloom-quality oil paintings to gramophones, kitchenware, antique tools, vintage clothing, phonographs, antique cameras and other knick-knacks, this flea market is a paradise for bargain hunters and antiques lovers. Through the sights of objects from the late nineteenth century until the 1990s, this flea market is an invitation to travel through time. Competitive pricing makes the effort of driving the 106 miles (170 kilometers) from Paris all the more seductive.

For all the foodies out there, the Grande Brocante de Chambord also highlights French gastronomy. A «marché du terroir» located near the stables of the Maréchal-de-Saxe, offers a rich gastronomic journey to all visitors: while French fries and merguez-baguette sandwich remain in the spotlight, other traditional French products, such as saucisson, cheese, asparagus, fruits and jams can be enjoyed on site.

Last but not least, it is worth mentioning that the castle remains open to visits during the duration of the Grande Brocante de Chambord. That’s one more reason to visit Chambord on May Day!

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