Haughus Manor Antique and Flea Market

Built in 1750, Haughus Manor houses a weekly flea market attended by 40 happy hucksters selling everything under the sun, from vintage furniture and antiques to jewelry, silver, and textiles.

Located in the beautiful Danish countryside, 3 hours away from Copenhagen, somewhere between Vejle and Jelling, Haughus Manor is a local landmark which is worth the detour. Built in 1750, the estate houses nowadays a café, a private residence, a farm store selling home ware, handicrafts and furniture, as well as a weekly flea market.

Twice a week, the large flea market hall of Haughus Manor, welcomes over 40 happy hucksters selling everything under the sun. From vintage furniture and antiques to art, jewelry, retro designs, ceramics by Bjørn Wiinblad, silver, bronze, textiles, graphics, paintings and plenty more, there is always something to find on the stalls of the Haughus Manor flea market.

The last 3 weekends of November the Christmas spirit descends over Haughus Manor and the organizers of the flea market kick start the winter season with a Christmas inspired market featuring Christmas trees, decorations and presents, where even Santa Claus comes to visit!

The Manor Farm Store is housed in one part of the beautifully restored former cowshed. Shoppers will find interior inspiration from a range of stylish home wares and new furniture mixed with second-hand gems. In the other end of the cowshed, a second-hand store sells second-hand furniture, paintings, glassware, silverware, porcelain and ceramics.

The café is located in Haughus Manor’s beautiful main building, where visitors can enjoy local food and drinks in a stylish Scandinavian setting overlooking the impressive courtyard and the lovely green gardens. The café serves breakfast, sandwiches, white bread with eggs and shrimps, and cake. Visitors can also purchase soft drinks, beer, coffee, and delicious hot chocolate with whipped cream.

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