Flohmarkt am Mauerpark

With over a million visitors annually, the Mauerpark Flea Market ranks among the most popular destinations in Berlin

Once a week, rain or shine, up to 30,000 visitors flock at the Mauerpark Flea Market. This flea market, which covers a total of 8 hectares (with up to 500 stalls split over 7000 square meters), is located near the former Todesstreifen (Death Strip) at the border area between Wedding and Prenzlauer Berg. This is where its appropriate name “Mauerpark” comes from.

The Mauerpark flea market is dominated by the colorful stalls of traders who bring the trash and junk they have been collecting over the week from dusty attics and dark basements. However, this does not mean that you can not discover one or more hidden gems, among the items offered by professional dealers.

Because the Berlin Mauerpark Flea Market is open to both private Flea markets dealers (who want to get rid-off their old stuff) and professional trader with their elegant designer items, it has a pretty wide range of different goods, for all tastes.

But this is not the only reason why this flea market is such a hit in Berlin: the festive atmosphere of this venue also made it a must see, in the daily press and tourist guides.

Adjacent to the flea market, numerous musicians and performing artists can be seen on the grassy open space. And around 3:00 p.m., there is a popular karaoke Bearpit in the amphitheater located in the park. With over a million visitors annually, the Mauerpark Flea Market ranks among the most popular destinations in Berlin.

It’s even an all time favorite of Annette Humpe, a famous German songwriter, pop singer and record producer, who used to perform & chill out there more than 25 years ago. This place is definitely an experience by itself.

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6 reviews

  1. Ein Klassiker der langsam immer mehr zu einem TouriSpot geworden ist. Keine Angst das meine ich nicht nur negativ, aber man muss es halt wissen. Übliche Flohmarktsachen werden immer weniger, dafür wird Kunst, Design, Souvenirs und Essen immer mehr. Ausgefallene und interessante Dinge kann man zu hauf finden, aber im Charakter hat es nichts mehr mit einem Flohmarkt zu tun.

  2. Every Sunday the flea market at Mauerpark in Prenzlauer Berg gets packed with a crowd of tourists and Berliners looking for secondhand clothes, vintage bags and jewellery.

    The flea market at Mauerpark is quite popular. It is frequently used as Sunday afternoon activity by hip Berliners and tourists. The flea market itself consists of mainly private salespersons who offer various items. They range from clothes, shoes, bicycles to old vinyl records, trumpery and rummage. Furthermore the flea market at Mauerpark has a large furniture tent where diligent visitors might find true treasures.

  3. So viel zu sehen! Nur allein für die Atmosphäre lohnt es sich hier mal vorbeizukommen. Aber auch bei den vielen Imbissständen findet man immer was interessantes, was es sonst nicht überall gibt.

  4. Good place if you’re hunting for rare vinyl and CD’s (including bootlegs). Some dealers are asking high prices for knackered old CD’s from the 1980’s that have since been remastered and reissued with bonus tracks at a lower price. Some others are very reasonable though.

  5. A properly old school Berlin experience. Designers rub shoulders with knurled old traders selling all manner of gems and old tat. It is a genuine flea market. The food and drink options though are exceptional.

  6. Excellent flea market with tons of unique merchandise. Good food selection and a very chill vibe. It gets pretty packed, but everyone is polite.

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