Trödelmarkt Arkonaplatz

One of the best flea markets in Berlin and a popular venue for strolling and chilling out in the park

The flea market on Arkonaplatz in Berlin has established itself as one of the best flea markets in Berlin. No wonder why it has been around for over a century. Even the artist Heinrich Zille, featured in 1912 the hustle and bustle of this flea market in one of his paintings. Since 1990, the flea market is open once a week (except on days excluded by law), all year round.

Arkonaplatz flea market is a hot tip and is mentioned in several travel guides for its beautiful atmosphere and its historical age. During the summer months, the flea market is especially well attended, but not crowded, thus making it particularly attractive for visitors to stroll in peace and stop at various booths to browse calmly the items on display.

This flea market offers a variety of secondhand goods and products: Starting with iconic clothing and jewelery, to footwear and accessories, the range of products sold extends to modern artworks and photographs of Berlin. Retro fans and DDR nostalgic, will especially find their happiness there. However, records and books can also be found. And if you want to take a break from shopping, you can make a stop at a bratwurst stands or visit one of the cafes and restaurants around the square.

The Arkonaplatz flea market is one of the most beautiful and one of the oldest flea markets of Germany. Its special charm comes from its convenient location, a wide square beneath Linden and chestnut trees surrounded by old buildings with several pleasant cafes for a ringside view of the action. This makes it particularly popular for strolling and chilling out. Since the flea market is always well attended, it is also popular among sellers.

A small drawback is the relatively high space rent (for those planning to sell). However, due to the relatively high prices at which the products are sold on the market, sellers can still quickly make a good profit, especially in the summer. Overall, the flea market is very popular among both buyers and sellers, and is definitely worth a visit.

The Arkonaplatz is easily accessible by public transport: with the U8 to Bernauer Straße, by tramway (line M10) or by bus 247 to Wolin Straße. It is also possible to take the tramway line M1 and M12 to Zionskirchplatz. All three stops are only a few minutes walk to the Arkonaplatz flea market.

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    5 reviews

    1. If you like rummaging around markets on a Sunday morning, this is a great place to spend an hour in Berlin on a Sunday. The Arkonaplatz flea market is small and therefore very accessible with a good mix of professional sellers and locals selling things that they no longer need. There is a real mix of items, from furniture to clothes to paintings and old electronic kit and it attracts a cross section of society for some good people watching (the hipsters mingling with the old Berliners).

      The market is set in a nice square with a few cafes close by to have lunch/coffee when you’re all rummaged-out!

    2. We visited here just after we went to the average Mauerpark . It’s only a ten minute walk away & well worth going to especially if you want quality over quantity
      It’s in a sleepy square & it is on the small side although we visited on a freezing December morn. Pleasant stall holders displayed some fine vintage wares & we picked up a few nice pieces at good prices. I’d recommend to visit Arkonaplatz before heading to Mauerpark if you want to pick up something interesting .

    3. The flea market is very different to the more common market in Berlin. More Private booths with lovely people telling you a story for each piece. You can find something old and also something unique. Lovely to have a stroll on a Sunday afternoon. The area is also very nice to have a coffee and enjoy the morning sun.

    4. The vela market at Mauerpark in Berlin is the big Sunday attraction for antique hunters and bargain shoppers. But just a short stroll away is the sampler, but no less pleasing flea market at Arkonaplatz. Mauerpark has an assortment of everything from old records to new artwork by Berlin artists and old and new clothing. Arkonaplatz specialized more on antiques. There is a good range of things, but it tends to be nicer antiques and collectibles and less of the funky stuff often featured at Mauerpark. Slightly older crowd shopping at Arkonaplatz, and it’s in the wonderful setting of a gorgeous square.

    5. Sehr nettes Ambiente, vor allem im Vergleich zum nahen Flomarkt am Mauerpark.

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