Mercatino Antiquariato E Usato Di Portobuffolè

A tradition since 1994, the scenic monthly Mercatino Antiquariato E Usato Di Portobuffolè hosts more than 200 vendors selling antique, collectables, vintage items and all sorts of one of a kind objects that ooze nostalgia

Once a month, the historic center of Portobuffolè hosts the Mercatino Antiquariato E Usato Di Portobuffolè. This antique market hosts more than 200 vendors and showcases all things antique, curious, vintage and one of a kind. Visitors attending this bustling market range from those searching for specific collectables to those simply enjoying this most beloved past-time – namely browsing through bargain in a scenic setting and being immersed in objects that ooze nostalgia.

Mercatino Antiquariato E Usato Di Portobuffolè spreads through many streets around the Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II in the town center. The roads twist and turn, and around every corner there are new goods to be discovered. Vendors who sell at Mercatino Antiquariato E Usato Di Portobuffolè mainly hail from the province of Treviso in the Italian region Veneto, and their wares wonderfully represent this historic area. This antic market is a great place to shop for authentic souvenirs, and to have a chat with locals while soaking up the atmosphere.

Mercatino Antiquariato E Usato Di Portobuffolè has been an tradition since 1994, and it keeps drawing the crowds month after month. One of the reasons for this is the market’s stunning setting, with the Borgo Medievale and the Ponte Friuli as a backdrop to this monthly appointment, as well as the lovely antiques to be found. There are antique books, old prints, Baroque wooden sculptures, comics, fabrics, vinyl records, porcelain, ornaments, glass and brass, antique mirrors, paintings, crystal chandeliers, small furniture items, tools, jewelry and many more collectable items. Though it is a monthly market, there are always fresh wares to see here and new bargains to be found.

There are also food and refreshment stalls dotted strategically around the Mercatino Antiquariato E Usato Di Portobuffolè. The vibe here is very much laid back, and it is great to be able to pick up delicious treats as visitors take their time and stroll around the vendors and the cobble stone streets. The surrounding historic buildings create the perfect backdrop for this market, making a visit to the Mercatino Antiquariato E Usato Di Portobuffolè a perfect way to spend a Sunday.

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