Millerton Antique District

The tiny town of Millerton has become the area of choice in New York state for design-minded shoppers and vintage enthusiasts looking to redesign their homes or spruce up their workplaces

If you are the sort of person who gets really excited by vintage goods and antiques, chances are you have already visited some of the famous flea markets north of New York City – places like the huge outdoor Brimfield Antique Show, or the 600-vendor-strong Stormville Flea Market.

Though it is less frequented than other destinations in New York or Connecticut, the tiny town of Millerton has become the area of choice in “The Empire State” for those looking to redesign their homes or spruce up their places of work. Inspiration is found in every store, and there are plenty of shops to choose from.

In Millerton, design-minded shoppers and vintage enthusiasts will find the best of both worlds: high-end shops whose selection is expertly curated, and plenty of stores where the shopping experience is more akin to rummaging through your quirky aunt’s basement.

One of the features of the Millerton Antique District is the Millerton Antiques Center. Roughly located in the middle of Main Street, it has been considered a staple of the area for over two decades. Making the most of the available space, more than 30 dealers are found behind the front doors of the Millerton Antiques Center. And the overall collection within this shop is fantastically eclectic: you don’t quite know what you will find, but you know it is bound to be interesting. Like many of the stores in the area, it is open seven days a week.

Every taste is certainly accounted for in Millerton Antique District. Hunter Bee has quirky artwork alongside mid-century design classics, and random curios dot the shelves in between. Prices range nicely in this store, and throughout the antiquing area generally. So even if you are on a shoestring budget you might find something without missing the best bits. Hunter Bee is a great stop off for those seeking a one-of-a-kind talking piece for their home.

The stores in Millerton Antique District take great pride in their collections and are continuously curating fresh items for shoppers. Some stores feature dealers and artists from across the state of New York, with pop-up booths coming and going accordingly. All in all, the area does well to keep up with trends and offer the very best antiques and vintage items available.

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