Newbury Antiques & Collectors Fair

With its excellent facilities, beautiful countryside surroundings and its range of high quality vintage goods and antiques on sale, the Newbury Antiques & Collectors Fair makes for a very relaxing and enjoyable day antique collecting

The Newbury Antiques & Collectors Fair is a rare but extremely popular antique market in the UK. It takes place one weekend throughout the year, and a few further Mondays, so antique enthusiasts will definitely want to hit their website and make sure those dates are in the diary. This market is one of the most easily accessible in the UK, just off of the M4 motorway with plenty of parking on site. There is simply no excuse not to visit!

Antique aficionados may be familiar with the Newbury Antiques & Collectors Fair, as it has often been featured on the popular English antique show Bargain Hunt. With the range of high-quality vintage goods and antiques on sale here, it is easy to see why this fair has achieved a level of fame! The Newbury Showground is also a wonderful location for such a fair, with plenty of indoor and outdoor spaces for vendors to use (there are over 180 booth spaces available), and beautiful, tree-lined walkways for visitors to enjoy. It is the perfect setting for a market and one that can be enjoyed by all.

With so many stunning antiques on display, it is impossible to leave the Newbury Antiques & Collectors Fair empty-handed. Antique weapons can be found here, alongside other military memorabilia, vintage scales, silverware, architectural salvage, vintage typewriters, antique walking sticks, watering cans and other gardening items, model soldiers, ceramics and other artwork, telescopes, tools, vases and so much more. Collectors will have a field day here and will need at least a few hours to ensure they have not missed anything.

With no ATMs on-site at the Newbury Antiques & Collectors Fair, keen shoppers should be sure to come with enough cash for all their needs! Some vendors do accept cards for payment, but not all so it is best to be prepared. A whole day can easily be spent here, and visitors will no doubt return year after year.

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