Marché aux Puces de Clignancourt

The Marché aux Puces de Clignancourt hosts the largest concentration of antiques dealers in the world, with more than 2,000 shops and a dozen independent flea markets spreading over 10 miles

Listed since 2001 as part of the French national heritage (“Zone de Protection du Patrimoine Architectural Urbain et Paysager”), the Marché aux Puces de Clignancourt / Saint-Ouen is an institution. This market features the largest concentration of antique and second-hand dealers in the world, totaling over 8 million visitors per year, among which a lot of tourists and even celebrities.

Held three days a week in the 18th arrondissement, this market is the 4th most visited landmark in France. The Marché aux Puces de Paris Clignancourt / Saint-Ouen provides a truly genuine experience of the popular Paris and is a gold mine for vintage and antique lovers.

Nowadays, the Marché aux Puces de Clignancourt spreads over 15 km (10 miles), hosts more than 2,000 shops and a dozen independent flea markets with their own products, prices and different styles from high-end antiquity, to clothing and modern accessories: Antica (a venue dedicated to furniture and objects from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries), Biron, Cambo (a charming twentieth-century furniture market located in a side street to the main flea market), Dauphine, Django Reinhardt, Jules Vallès, le Passage (clothes, furniture, old books, military clothing, trinkets), Malassis, Malik, l’Entrepôt (large format vintage items like iron grids, stairs, lamp posts, radiators, etc), Paul Bert, Serpette, L’Usine & Lécuyer (exclusively reserved to professionals antique dealers), Rosiers (lighting equipment and twentieth-century art objects), and Vernaison.

Some of these markets are indoor, other outdoor, but all of them are full of assorted goods of all ages and origins. All in all, antiques and vintage enthusiasts strolling the Marché aux Puces de Clignancourt, can hunt for classic antiques or high-end goods such as restored furniture, paintings, bronzes, art or tapestries, mirrors, lamps, dishes … but also old records, prints, vintage toys, books, photographs, and other unusual objects.

Visitors who wish to discover the Marché aux Puces de Paris Clignancourt in more detail should know that tours are provided by the Tourist Office of Saint-Ouen throughout the year. An audio tour in French can also be booked at the tourist office (group tours are also possible upon request).

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    7 reviews

    1. The next time you look at an interior design magazine and read that certain items came from the Paris Flea Market, know that they were not cheap little creative finds. They probably cost in the hundreds of Euros. But talk about truly cool stuff! The most amazing designer costume jewelry, art deco silver coffee sets, full sets of Christofle silver, sets of china, artisanal majolica, old furs, skin handbags, antique toys, mid-century clothes, and antique linens galore. Laces, christening caps, copper ware and all kinds of other stuff.

    2. I have been there on a Saturday afternoon and I have deeply appreciated the atmosphere you can breathe there. the market is wide and full of original vintage pieces at reasonable prices even though in some corners you may find proper shops with nice vintage clothes for unreasonably very expensive prices. Anyway it definitely is worth a visit !

    3. I really enjoyed finally visiting this “Bucket List” attraction. I am an experienced “market” shopper for all types of French markets all over this wonderful country. This particular market lends itself well to bigger ticket items such as furnishings, art and expensive collectibles. There are many areas that make-up this market. So it’s worth planning where to start and where to finish ahead of time. Don’t plan to find a bargain at this market. But you could find a French treasure that you never expected to discover! A “must see” for any true lover of French markets.

    4. If you like antiques or poking around markets and second hand shops this is the one to go to. A huge variety of stalls selling everything from buttons and antique light switches to fantastic furniture from old properties. It is difficult to get around and cover as there are so many areas. We focused on Marché Vernaison as I was looking for lace and old linens. I saw some amazing pieces worth a lot of money but exchange rates prevented me getting carried away and I was careful to only buy what I couldn’t get at home and for a reasonable price… I found a few nice pieces and happy to take away a little Paris with me!

    5. We had a perfectly sublime Sunday wandering around all of the different “markets”. After reading tons of mixed reviews, I was a bit sketchy as to whether I even wanted to go check this out. SO glad we did as there are just tons of beautiful antiques and “second hand items” as well. You won’t find the deal of the century most likely, but you will find something cool, I guarantee it. We decided to forgo the metro and just took an uber in and out. If you do take the metro, just have a map and know where you’re headed. Make a bee line for Rue des Rosiers and you’re in the thick of the good stuff without all the pushy ‘outside’ vendors that all the other reviews mention…all of that garbage is on the fringe, get to the middle and stay in the markets for the most part. We found a few mid century bargains for 10 euros each, and had some great food at the gastronomic pub in one of the markets. More mid century modern stuff than I’ve ever seen in any one place and tons of beautiful, original antiques. We did more looking than buying, but if you like antiquing, thrifting, picking, etc…you’ll love this. We spent 6 hours there and probably saw half of the markets. Didn’t feel crowded or cramped and didn’t see any sketchy pickpockets or anything like that, but I could see how that might be an issue on the “fringe”. Enjoy!!

    6. A fascinating mixture of absolutely worthless kitsch and expensive and (presumably) genuine antiques. We traveled with had luggage only, otherwise I might have been tempted to buy some lovely art deco lamps…. The dealers will reduce their prices, so haggling is ok, as long as you’re realistic and polite. A MUST for Paris visitors!

    7. Although it is quite fun to visit don’t come here expecting to find any good deals or realistic prices. There are various markets located on the Rue des Rosiers where you can find anything from vintage and curiosity to heavy antiques. However, they all have one thing in common and that is the next-to-insane pricing. First we were wondering if they had switched currencies because some of them were just plain ridiculous. We even found an Ikea chair which someone tried to sell as vintage!

      I think there are many places where you can find better quality for more realistic prices if you are into vintage furniture and stuff (as a matter of facts, when in Amsterdam make sure to visit the IJ-hallen markets). Also the neighborhood was a bit rough, when you walk to the rue des rosiers you first pass a market filled with cheap imitation clothing en touts trying to sell cheap sunglasses. Just ignore them however and you’ll be fine.

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