Piazza dei Ciompi Flea Market

Home to some of the longest standing antique stores in the city, Piazza dei Ciompi also hosts once a month the Piazza dei Ciompi Flea Market, Florence's oldest antique market

Piazza dei Ciompi Flea Market is the oldest flea in Florence, and the square is also the location of some of the longest standing antique stores in the city. Back in 2018, the flea market was permanently relocated on Largo Pietro Annigoni two streets away from its original location, due to much-needed renovation works taking place on Piazza dei Ciompi. But it is almost back to its former glory, much to the delight of regular visitors and tourists keen for that unique souvenir or item for their home.

With the surrounding antique stores, Piazza dei Ciompi Flea Market is truly located in a wonderful area. Visitors can feel as though they take a step back in time as they explore the goods on offer. Since the refurbishments, there are many permanent market stalls in this area now, with goods swapping around depending on the event. And the variety of items that can be found here once a month during the flea market, is no short of astounding.

Piazza dei Ciompi Flea Market is hugely popular. It is often a regular port of call for those that live in the city, but it has a great reputation as a must-see shopping zone for tourists too. Just like Piazza Santo Spirito Flea Market, it is a place where you never know what you might find, from something that could be really useful in the home, to a collectible antique item, to a piece of kitsch that serves no purpose but simply must be bought. There are china collections, carpets, books, vintage clothing collections, ornaments, lamps and lights, farming tools, clocks, pieces of furniture, artwork and much more.

The atmosphere at Piazza dei Ciompi Flea Market is rather jovial. It is clear that both buyers and sellers attend this flea because they enjoy it. If shoppers are looking for particular collectibles, there is plenty of advice and information to be had from the locals. Piazza dei Ciompi Flea Market is a great spot to stop, as you never know what you might find.

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