Annecy Flea Market

Nestled in the foothill of the French Alps, the picturesque town of Annecy provides a truly stunning scenery to one of the city's most awaited attraction: the monthly Annecy flea market, also known as Brocante d'Annecy.

Nestled in the foothills of the mountains surrounding the Lac d’Annecy – arguably the most spectacular natural lakes in France – the picturesque town of Annecy sits directly in the gateway to the Alps, and provides a truly stunning scenery to one of the city’s most awaited attraction: the Annecy Vieux Quartier Flea Market, also known as Brocante d’Annecy.

Every month, between 150 and 200 professional vendors set up their booth at the Annecy flea market to sell a month worth of finds gathered during their wanderings in the region. The stalls are set up directly in the streets that run along the Thiou river, and wherever one goes, it feels as though it is possible to get lost among the beauty.

A lot of the goods on sale at the Annecy flea market reflect the town’s Alpine setting: vintage snowshoes and skis, cheese-making equipment, antique collectable cowbells, fishing equipment, milk jugs and molds to sculpt butter. There is also of course the more traditional offering of an antiques and collectables market, such as antique paintings, crockery, silverware, linen, pottery and antique furniture.

In addition to antiques and vintage goods, the Annecy flea market also showcases a large selection of booths selling locally made handcrafts. Engaging a conversation with the stall holders always guarantees a great experience, as local craftsmen are often eager to share one or two anecdotes about the items they are selling, and the skills involved in their creation.

As popular as the Annecy flea market is with collectors and antiques hunters – some of whom travel from nearby Switzerland and Italy – this flea market attracts just as many people who are drawn to the incredibly picturesque setting of the Quartier Viarme with its winding streets and alleyways. Besides the Annecy flea market, Annecy has many other sites to see and plenty of local culture to absorb whether by visiting one of the many museums, heading to the Château d’Annecy or peering into a church or two. Visitors are spoiled for choice!

Like the Brocante de Lutry and its scenic view from the banks of the Lac Leman, a trip to the Annecy flea market truly offers the most stunning scenery around.

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