Rastro de Navacerrada

Up in the mountains north of Madrid, in the Sierra de Guadarrama, lies the picturesque town of Navacerrada which hosts a monthly flea market with some of the most interesting antiques and collectables found in the whole area

Up in the mountains north of Madrid, at the entry of “Valle de la Barranca” in the Sierra de Guadarrama, lies the municipality of Navacerrada. And once a month this charming town hosts the Rastro de Navacerrada (also known as Mercadillo de Antigüedades de Navacerrada), a flea market with some of the best antiques and collectables found in the whole area.

Madrid obviously has some wonderful antique markets, like the popular open-air Rastro de Madrid that gathers every week over 3500 vendors. But the one thing that the town of Navacerrada can really boast about, is its picturesque location and surroundings, which makes it the perfect setting for the Rastro de Navacerrada. Rastro de Navacerrada is quite the special shopping experience not easily found in the neighboring city, and the market makes the trip up the mountain (1,894 metres / 6,214 ft) more than worth it.

Rastro de Navacerrada has become rather famous in its own right, especially for locals but is now attracting collectors from both near and far. It is growing a reputation for the antiques and vintage items that vendors have on display, and anyone with an interest in all thins old and retro is going to love this market.

Rastro de Navacerrada attracts over 100 vendors and is crammed with a wide range of goods ranging from further antique and vintage finds to general second hands wares from an emptied-out house or garage in the region. There are random household objects, crockery, vintage books, farm and gardening tools, furniture with plenty of potential for glorious restoration, items dating back to the Spanish civil war, and also merchandises from neighboring countries or even further afield. Vendors are full of knowledge regarding their wares and the general history of the area, so be sure to engage (and bargain) with them! for the most fulfilling experience.

When the market takes place, a weekend can easily be spent in this area as there is plenty to take in when all shopping opportunities have been exhausted! Local shops also take advantage of the popularity of the market, and many will open on the Sunday that the market takes place, whereas they will be closed on other weekends. This really adds further life and a bustling atmosphere to market weekends here.

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