Sarrià Antiques Fair

The small town of Sarrià, capital of Galicia in Spain, may have remained unknown to all but the locals if it weren't for the Sarria Antiques Fair that brings every week a lively atmosphere to the Church of Sant Vicenç area 

The small town of Sarrià, capital of Galicia in Spain, may have remained unknown to all but the locals if it weren’t for the Sarrià Antiques Fair. This charming market springs to life every Tuesday and during the rest of the week there is little clue that such a wonderful antique market comes to life here. Therefore, it remains a bit of a hidden gem for those either in the know or for those who do their research and discover these kinds of incredible places to find awesome antiques!

The Sarrià Antiques Fair takes place near the Church of Sant Vicenç and spreads over quite a large area outside. Due to the potential for scorching summers in this part of the world, the market does not take place during July and August but can be found every other week throughout the year. Organized by the Gremi de Brocanters (Antique Dealers’ Association), who are responsible for a great many other fairs of this kind in Barcelona, the Sarrià Antiques Fair is always extremely well attended by those local and from further afield in Spain. Tourists will need a good grasp of Spanish or Catalan to really make the best of their experience here. However, it is always possible to rummage through the treasures and hand over cash without sharing the same language!

Many different items can be found for sale at the Sarrià Antiques Fair. A lot of the vendors are weekly regulars, though still make a great effort to replenish their wares and ensure new items are consistently available. Visitors will find vintage books, chinaware, medals, jewelry, brass items, artwork, posters and comics, watches, curios, and the occasional smaller piece of furniture.

Due to the Sarrià Antiques Fair, Tuesdays are an excellent day to plan a visit to this small town. When the vendors pack up, visitors can enjoy relaxing refreshments in one of the many cafes. Medieval ruins are also scattered throughout the town, so those with a more general interest in yester-year will find plenty of entertainment here.

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