Kölner Stadtflohmarkt

Kölner Stadtflohmarkt is one of the most notorious weekly flea markets in Cologne, and a place for great bargains

In Cologne, almost every district has its own flea market. However, the most notorious are the Trödel an der Kölner Galopprennbahn (Cologne Racecourse Flea Market) which is held three times a week, and the weekly Kölner Stadtflohmarkt (Cologne City Flea Market).

The Kölner Stadtflohmarkt takes place on the Parkplatz des Unicenters (the parking of Cologne’s University) once a week – except during holidays – rain or shine. From 6 clock until early afternoon, bargain hunters stroll down the many stalls composing the Kölner Stadtflohmarkt.

Flea market enthusiasts can always find great bargains there: Old furniture, vintage clothes, porcelain, crockery, silverware, trinkets, paintings, shoe boxes filled with old black & white pictures and postcards, memorabilia, and other traditional items. This is mainly linked to the fact that there are only a few professional antique dealers, but many private exhibitors that sell old stuff and junk from their cellar and their home.

The sale of new items is not permitted at the Kölner Stadtflohmarkt, which helps guarantee and preserve its overall quality, and as it is the case with any flea market in general, it is best to show up early in the morning.

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2 reviews

  1. The Kölner Stadtflohmarkt is a great place to sell your stuff you don’t need anymore. Throughout all year this place is open and offers a big variety eg. furniture, kitchen, toys, clothes and even more. I sold here several times and it was always big fun and a big success. Most people who came by were friendly and up to a chat. Of course sometimes people try to even pay nothing and think they can get everything for free or do not even try to negotiate. But hey, this is a flea market!

    If you want to get the good stuff you need to come early right at the start as professional buyers try to pick the raisins. It is always fun to come here as a visitor as you also see ridiculous stuff sometimes. So if you have time at a Saturday, take your bike and ride to the Unicenter.

  2. Klein, aber fein. Der Trödel findet wirklich bei jedem Wetter statt und ist super zu erreichen. Dass er so häufig ist macht den großen Pluspunkt aus. Hier ist man schnell drübergelaufen, aber für nen kleinen Besuch am Samstagmorgen lohnt es sich doch immer.

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