Stoneleigh Park Antiques Market (permanently closed)

Organized by Arthur Swallow Antique and Home Shows, the Stoneleigh Park Antiques Market appeals to serious collectors and casual antiques shoppers alike and is growing larger every year

Organized by Arthur Swallow Fairs, which are known throughout the UK for the wonderful shows they hold like the Decorative Home & Salvage Show, the Stoneleigh Park Antiques Market is just in its second year of trading now, and only shows signs of growing larger.

This antique fair opened up due to the closing of another market space in the area, and perhaps that closure was a blessing in disguise. The event at Stoneleigh Park is spacious, well organized and exciting, and is perfect for everyone from serious collectors to casual antiques shoppers.

Stoneleigh Park Antiques Market follows a rather interesting and unique format, proving ever popular with both visitors and traders. To give everyone a fair chance of snaring the goods, the only items allowed to be set up prior to the market opening are the tables, cloths and shelves intended for display.  A horn is then sounded at opening time, at which point the wares are hurridly displayed as customers flock in. This creates an awesome atmosphere with a palpable buzz, and reminds of many Antique Trade Fairs in France and Belgium with their equal opportunity policy, like the famous Déballage Marchand d’Avignon and Ciney Puces et Salon des Antiquaires.

The venue for Stoneleigh Park Antiques Market is undercover, creating a pleasant shopping experience come rain or shine. There is a huge range of goods to be found here, including silverware, vintage jewelery, glassware, china, tools, antique books, cutlery and other kitchenware, works of art, textiles, grand pieces of furniture and more. There are also plenty of retro items, full of nostalgia with stories to tell that vendors are more than happy to share. As with many markets, the early bird tends to get the worm, so of course it is wise to come early, especially if specific items or collectables are coveted.

Stoneleigh Park Antiques Market is very easy to locate, and is accessible for all. There are refreshments available, strategically dotted around the antiques and vintage items, so shoppers can keep on browsing while refueling. This is definitely a market that should not be missed.

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